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An Understanding of Marketing Strategy

Article review: Gordon E. Greenley (1989) –  An Understanding of Marketing Strategy In his study, Greenley (1989) dealt with marketing strategy and tried to develop an understanding regarding marketing strategy by analyzing literature of related concepts. In the study, he followed a three step methodology; in the first two parts, issues about overall strategic planning of […]

Product Placement

1. Introduction  In order to reach their target customers, marketers have turned to a variety of communication channels in their integrated marketing communications (IMC) efforts. One of these channels is product/brand placement that can be used in television, cinema, books, games, etc… In this paper, a comprehensive literature review will be presented incorporating following areas: […]

Philosophical Foundations of Marketing Research

1. Introduction  ‘We are people thinking about people and giving a lot of emphasis to how they perceive themselves and their relations to the outside world and the products they consume.’                                                                                                             (Levy, 2005; p.344) In the sentence above, by using ‘we’, Levy (2005) probably implied researchers who seek knowledge in several disciplines like psychology, […]

Structured Products

Click the part to view in detail: Structured Products – Part I: Introduction Structured Products – Part 2: Literature Review Structured Products – Part 3: All About Structured Products Structured Products – Part 4: Structured Products Around the World Structured Products – Part 5: Structured Products in Turkey Structured Products – Part 6: Conclusion Structured […]

Is Marketing a Science?

Abstract Without any doubt, controversy about ‘is marketing a science’ is one of the major topics that have been discussed within academicians in marketing literature. Since almost 65 years, debate about that subject has been going on and it seems it will not end forever. Main reason of the endless discussions about that subject is […]

Digital Consumer Behaviour – Turkey

Insights Regarding Digital Consumer Behaviour from Google Consumer Barometer 2014 Survey Number of connected devices per person People in Turkey use an average of 1 device each. This has risen over the last three years. Smartphone usage In Turkey, smartphone use has almost tripled since 2012. Frequency of Internet usage Most Internet users in Turkey go […]