Z. Eren Kocyigit (Asst. Professor of Marketing w/ BA Economics, MA Finance, Ph.D Marketing) is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and lecturer/trainer.

As an Entrepreneur, he is Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing). NBT is a project house consisting of several tech projects that are seeking for Next Big Thing

As an Investor & Board Member, he invested in Butikgez (a modest fashion marketplace)

As a Consultant he has been serving local and international brands/startups in Technology, Software, Telco, ICT, Banking, Investment, Financial Services, and Marketing/Advertising Sectors on Marketing, Product/Project Management and Business Development areas.

As a Lecturer/Trainer he has been giving Mobile Marketing, E-business & Internet Marketing, CRM, Strategic Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Big Data, Internet of Things and High Technology Marketing Management lectures/workshops at several universities and institutions


  • Professional Experience

    In his career Z. Eren Kocyigit mostly worked in Marketing, Business Development and Product Management areas. Click to learn more about Z. Eren Kocyigit’s Professional Experience

  • Academic Experience

    Z. Eren Kocyigit got his BA Degree in Economics, Master’s Degree in Finance and currently he is a Marketing Ph.D.c. He has been giving Mobile/Digital Marketing, E-business & Internet Marketing and High Technology Marketing Management lectures at Bahcesehir University and Bilgi University. Click to learn more about Z. Eren Kocyigit’s Academic Experience

  • Partners

    Z. Eren Kocyigit designs and provides ‘tailor-made’ Marketing, Digital and Strategy solutions with an established ecosystem consisting of professional individuals and companies.

  • Services

    Z. Eren Kocyigit designes and provides full marketing services, training, consultancy, mentorship, coaching,  digital/mobile transformation, research, exclusive content creation. Click to learn more about services offered by Z. Eren Kocyigit

  • Case Studies / Projects

    Z. Eren Kocyigit has been working in several projects in various sectors in the areas of Marketing and Business Development. Click to see some of the example projects and case studies of Z. Eren Kocyigit’s in various sectors he has been working.

  • References

    Until today Z. Eren Kocyigit worked with several individuals, startups and established brands. Click to see Z. Eren Kocyigit’s References for the services he has been providing.



End-to-end Marketing Services including Strategic Marketing Management, Strategy Development, Digital/Mobile Marketing, Product/Business Development, Product Management and Marketing Operations.


Tailor-made trainings designed for startups, established brands and individuals. Topics include Strategic Marketing Management, Digital & Mobile Marketing and Social Media Management.


Keynote Speeches, Presentations, Seminars, and Workshops at corporate events and conferences designed in accordance with the needs of businesses, organizations and meeting planners.


Mentorship/Consultancy for Startups/Established brands;  Coaching for individuals to help them unleash their potential for reaching their goals.


Transform individuals, startups, and established brands in accordance with digital/mobile revolution. Process include; assess, plan and execute.


Research and Exclusive Content creation such as Best Practice Guides, Market Insights, Market Data, Trend/Innovation reports


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