Structured Products – Part 8: Appendix B – Structured Retail Products in Regional Markets

(Part of Master Thesis: Kocyigit, Eren, “The Use Of Retail Structured Products And Their Applications In Turkey”, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2010)

Structured Retail Products in Regional Markets

In this section all the data that are used in the following pages are obtained from Arete Consulting Ltd.’s through their web-site

Product types in the tables are divided into 3 parts as;

  • Growth Products: products that produces all their return atmaturity without any payment during the product term.
  • Income Products: products that provides a periodic payment.
  • Growth and Income Products: in these kinds of products a portionof the capital is invested to a fixed rate instrument, usually a deposit paying a higher than market rate of interest. The rest of the capital is invested to a growth product.Product styles in the tables are divided into 2 parts as;
    • Continuous Products: They are also called open-ended products.They don’t have a fixed maturity date. They accept investments foran unlimited period.
    • Tranche Products: Products those are available for investmentduring a limited period only. This period which is usually around 4 to 8 weeks, is called the offer period and during this period the product is available for investment.Volume of products sold is in millions of Euros (EURm) for European Market and millions of American Dollars (USDm) for the rest of the regions.

Retail Structured Products in Europe

Retail Structured Products in North America

Retail Structured Products in Asia & Pacific

Retail Structured Products in Latin America